Rockwood Nursery School

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Diversity, Inclusion, British Values & Cultural Capital

Rockwood Nursery School is an inclusive school.  We pride ourselves on welcoming all children and families regardless of race, culture, religion, disability, gender identity and family diversity.   We celebrate diversity and embrace the positive impact that a diverse community has on our pupils. 

We have completed the Equality Award and aim to promote diversity within our school.  For more information about equality and inclusion please see our policy section, which includes how we support children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. You can also find information in our Prospectus.

British values poster

British Values in Practice


Children know that they are respected and that their ideas and opinions matter.

We actively involve children in decision making processes; their interests and opinions are used to form an exciting and challenging curriculum that motivates them to learn.

Adults consistently model democratic values and sup-port children to turn take, share resources and collabo-rate with their peers. Adult are positive role models not only when they communicate to children, but when communicating with each other too

Our PSED curriculum is embedded within everything that we do; staff continuously aim to build children’s confidence, encouraging them to make decisions and take responsibility for what they want and need.

Our Image of the Child is central to our philosophy in Rockwood. One element is that we encourage children to be independent learners, saying when they do or do not need help.

The Rule of Law

We encourage children to understand their own behaviour and feelings

We celebrate diversity. We teach children to celebrate each other’s differences and to understand that some children may behave and com-municate in different ways.

Our children are encouraged to take appropriate risks but are also taught how to keep safe and away from danger. We reinforce this through their engagement in Forest School activities as well as other curriculum activities. We support children to understand the world around them, exploring topics such as road crossing, speaking up for themselves, awareness that their body is their own space.

We involve children in rule and boundary setting and regularly remind children of our expectations. Our induction process thoroughly explores our boundaries and routines. Adults are positive role models for behaviour.

Individual Liberty

All children have the right to feel safe. We build strong, caring relationships with each child and encourage open communication. Our safeguarding policy ensures that we listen to children and that their voices are heard. We use CPOMs to record and monitor incidents and queries and work with Lancashire County Council to report any concerns.

We engage children in conversation, discussions and debates during circle/story times and free play. We model that others may have different opinions to ours.

We build children’s self-esteem so that they are able to express themselves effectively, saying ‘no’ or 'stop' if they don’t like or are unsure about doing something. We develop language to communicate through a curriculum that motivates and excites and explores new vocabulary.

Our curriculum supports PSED so that children are encouraged to develop independence and take responsibility for their actions when appropriate. They feel confident and develop a positive sense of themselves.

Mutual Respect

Our behaviour and relationship policy promotes work-ing together, problem solving and respecting beliefs and opinions.

We promote these values consistently throughout our curriculum.

Our staff support children in thinking about others’ points of view and with coming to an agree-ment to solve conflicts.

We teach children to treat others; both adults and peers, as they would wish to be treated. We explore feelings using carefully selected PSED books/resources.

We support challenging behaviour through a working with parents/carers and other professionals, following our behaviour policy. We use targeted learning plans to support these needs.


We celebrate other faiths and cultures different to our own through activities, stories and other planned events.

We use resources, online activities and books, as well as encouraging families to share their own experiences of different cultural and religious celebrations. Our resources are chosen to value and reflect our diverse society, challenging gender, cultural and racial stereotypes.