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Home Learning Activities - Stickman

Dear all.

Firstly can I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that you all are safe. The new lockdown for 2021 is not the way we hoped to be welcoming people back. - Remotely now in most cases. As a result we have worked very hard to ensure we meet the needs of your child as best we can.

This week, as a starting point, we decided to look at families and the snow through the eyes of Stickman. The Rockwood children have expressed a real interest in the Julia Donaldson books and some have talked about this one in particular.

As you were made aware yesterday, there will be paper copies of this learning at the gate on Kingsland Road. You should not necessarily have to print it off if you can access it on your electronic devises. The "pack" is simply a copy of this information for parents who have not got remote access. This email will replace the currently weekly newsletter as it tells you what we are going to do, rather than what we have been doing.

Each bubble, each week will do a plan new activities based on the interests of the children in their bubble and a copy of the plan sent remotely will be in the box. If you are taking the copies then please make sure they are the correct bubble. Look for the bubble numbers on the front of the pack. To help your child's key persons are:-

Bubble 1 = Karen, Sarah and Catherine

Bubble 2 = Karen, Clare, George (pm) and Erica (am)

Bubble 3 = Tracey and Claire

Bubble 4 = Tracey, Kathryn and Katie.

Please send pictures and / or a quick write up of what you and your child has done with the work so we can continue to monitor their progress and plan their next steps as best we can.

Thankyou so much for your co-operation and understanding in this current situation and we hope to welcome everyone back as soon as is safe to do so. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the activities.

Kind regards