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As computer and other communications technologies have developed, new dangers have emerged for all those who use them.

Schools have a duty of care towards their pupils, above all to enable them to use the internet and other communication technologies safely

We take steps in school to help protect your child in the following ways:

  • we keep abreast of the latest developments, for instance having key staff attending regular update training.

  • we have an appropriate e-safety policy in place which is reviewed regularly

  • our high-speed broadband connection is filtered so that it provides secure e-mail and web filtering facilities.

  • staff are kept informed of new developments in technology.

  • children are taught to use the web safely

  • children are not allowed use of mobile phones in school

  • children are not allowed to access chat rooms, message boards, messenger services or other 'social networking' websites in school

  • children are only allowed access to websites under staff supervision

Information to support parents

Making sure your child is safe while accessing the internet can be daunting for parents and carers.  Below we have put some links to some sites that provide information and support to help you with this. They address issues of e-safety, social networking and general safety on the internet.

Click on the icons to access the webpages.


Childnet International

Advice and information for parents and carers to help support children in safe and responsible use of the internet.


The Kid Smart website is a brilliant resource for learning about e-safety. It has lots of top tips on issues such as social networking and online gaming.

Come in to find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it.

The Parents Guide to Technology from the UK Safer Internet Centre has been created to answer these questions and introduce some of the most popular devices, highlighting the safety tools available and empowering parents with the knowledge they need to support their children to use these technologies safely and responsibly

Digital citizenship, online safety & civility



Information for parents and games and tips for children from Disney (with help from some favourite characters) to help your child to stay safe.


Hacker on a computer.

Test your internet safety knowledge with Hacker, listen to some Stay Safe songs with Helen Skelton, News Kids On the Block and Bobby Lockwood and get some tips from the Horrible Histories gang.

A site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.

Lancashire Race Equality Mark and Learning Excellence Award PDF Print Email

Rockwood Nursery School is fully committed to the Race Relations Act and as such achieved the Lancashire Race Equality Mark in 2012.

Lancashire Model Race Equality Policy


School Legal Requirements

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 places specific duties on schools in terms of promoting good race relations and this has been statutory for all schools

since May 2001.

Under the legislation schools, along with all other public institutions, have a positive duty to:

Eliminate discrimination

Promote equality of opportunity

Promote good relations between persons of different racial groups

Specifically, schools need to have a Race Equality policy in place with arrangements for its implementation, along with arrangements for monitoring and assessing the impact of the policy on staff, pupils and parents.

Little Me Project and Awards

As part of our Community Cohesion work and Race Equality Mark we are engaged in projects with four other local Nursery Schools.

This has included two projects so far - Little Me project for which we have been awarded a Learning Excellence Award 2014: Innovation Award for this project and a Creativity Bid for our project to support work with families between these nursery schools and to engage in Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication, Language and Literacy activities.

Little Me's

As part of our welcoming process, each child is given a wooden 'Little Me' figure, a small version of themselves.  We ask families to dress and play with the figure so that it becomes part of the family.  With the figure is also a book.  We encourage all families to record things that they do at home w

ith the Little Me - trips out, games they play, holidays, etc by writing and/or putting pictures in the book.  When these are brought into school, the Keyperson uses these to share in their group time and to plan additional activities for the children.

Creative Project

In 2013, we successfully bid with the four other partner nursery schools, for a Creativity project.  The aim of the project is to raise the attainment in the People and Communities strand for Understanding the World area of the curriculum through engaging children and parents in creative activities.  So far this has involved a special puppet show of "The Mystery of the Sock Snatcher" and involving parents in helping their children make sock puppets, and parent and child speech and language activities with staff training in February 2014.


Car Parking PDF Print Email

Parking continues to be a problem around school at the beginning and end of the sessions.

Please follow these simple rules:

  • Be considerate of other people, especially our neighbours;
  • Do NOT park on the ground outside the garage by the back entrance;
  • Be very careful when manoeuvring your car near the school entrances, for the safety of your children;

If we all follow these rules then everyone's life will be a lot easier and happier.

Thank you.


Behaviour Standards PDF Print Email


The staff takes considerable time and care, showing and explaining what is expected. The children are respected and their opinions valued. The children are offered support, encouragement and praise for their efforts.

Children who display inappropriate behaviour will be taken to a quiet area where the matter can be discussed. Parents will be informed of any incidents that occur in the Nursery and how it was dealt with. We believe that by having a positive attitude towards the children, using good manners and giving praise freely, we are setting a good example to the children and ask parents to support the Nursery in achieving our aims.  We have a behaviour policy and you can find it in the policy section of the website.

We aim to develop good relationships with parents and ask that the Nursery be kept informed of any changes at home which may affect a child’s behaviour. All information will be treated in confidence.  There are also some ideas to support your child's behaviour at home in this document.


Child Welfare PDF Print Email

As a caring school it is our duty and legal responsibility to report any suspected case of child abuse.  Rockwood is committed to providing for the needs of all the children, to equality of opportunity in education and to good relations with those of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Karen Bleasdale, Senior Teacher, is the co-ordinator for children who have special educational needs.

Parents must sign the Parental Consent Form giving details of persons who may collect their child from the nursery.  Parents must provide emergency contact details.

We strongly advise, for their own safety, that children do not wear jewellery in the nursery.

Children are encouraged to use the toilet by themselves and therefore must wear appropriate clothing.  Jog pants/leggings are ideal.  Children must also be able to go up and down stairs safely - long dresses/skirts can be stepped on and therefore unsuitable, as are flip-flop sandals: shoes should have a low heel and fit the foot well.

We only give medicines to children in nursery with a fully completed, certified health-care plan (contact the Head Teacher for further information).  Parents are informed of all accidents to their children and will be asked to sign the accident book to show they have been informed.



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