End of an Unusual Year!


Well 2020 has been an interesting year!  Here at Rockwood we have missed seeing so many of our children for the last few months, but have valued keeping in touch with those who have been able to return. We wish all our school leavers who are moving on to primary school all the best for their futures. We know you will have lots of fun and although the set up might be a bit different at the start, we're sure you will all do well!

To those children returning in September, we are working hard to review how our bubbles will be set up and how to keep everyone safe. It will be a bit different to our usual groupings and staffing, but we're trying hard to make sure it is the best early education your child can have, while making sure it's as safe as we can plan. We will need to be ensuring that each bubble continues to have staggered drop offs and pick ups, to reduce the risks to you and your families, as well as our staff and their families. We know it might cause some problems for you, we will try to work around your commitments too, but bear with us, we'll do the best we can.

We break up next week on 17th July and will reopen to children from 7th September. The teachers will stop sending out home learning ideas after next week. We will be notifying you of the bubble your child is in and their session times week commencing 31st August. We apologise for the short notice this might give you, but we need to make sure it is right before we proceed and children do lots of different sessions here at Rockwood, so it is a bit of a giant zigsaw puzzle! Please remember to keep us updated of any changes in contact details so we can still email and phone you.

Please keep yourselves and your families safe. Try to enjoy the holiday.

Kind Regards