Maintained Nursery Schools in the News


There's a lot in the news about nursery school funding, including the APPG and NAHT march in London on Monday here:…. There is also an interview with Sacha, one of the other Lancashire Maintained Nursery School headteachers on the Victoria Derbyshire programme about the impact our reduced funding is having.

It appears that there are a lot of rumours flying around about some Burnley nursery schools closing, this is not true. We are on limited funding, we do need to be funded properly. At Rockwood are relying more and more on the donations you provide on Wednesdays to hep us provide resources, but we are managing to creatively make do.

There are some nursery schools in the country that have closed, as have some private nurseries, including the local Little Acorns at the Chai Centre. As a school, we are raising the issue of funding with the national and local government to ensure they provide appropriately for us in the future. We are working very closely with the other nursery schools across the country and with our Burnley MP, Julie Cooper who has been particularly supportive.

If you wish to know more, there is information on this website and parents' board, or ask Faith for further information.