Stories Alive!


Stories Alive! was a creative project, supported by the Arts Council and working with 4 other nursery schools in Lancashire.

The project started with a visit with the children to Burnley Youth Theatre on Wednesday 28th January.  The children went by coach and met all of the artists who would be working on the project with the schools and some of the children from the other nursery schools involved.

All of the children got the opportunity to work with one specific artist, ours was Hannah from In-SItu, and explore some new art and ideas over several months.  The children also got to work with Ben from More Music and explore rhymth through a drum workshop and with Gordon around story telling.  You can see some of the photos on the website.

Parents and carers were invited to be involved in the project and some booklets were completed from all of the artists' work with the schools which were provided to every child and are available on Gordon's website (as project leader)