Children having fun in Forrest SchoolForest school encourages children to make their own decisions, engage in self chosen activities, take risks, develop problem solving strategies and use a variety of tools. We hope the children will enjoy many benefits of this holistic approach to outdoor learning and acquire an impressive range of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes which will benefit all aspects of their lives.


Healthier bodies: increased frequency of physical exercise, a challenging environment that helps to develop motor skills, fresh open air allows dispersal of viruses, learning to prepare and cook healthy food. Healthier minds: Forest Schools offer an opportunity to be sociable and also to have time alone. Space and resources are naturally available allowing individuals or groups to investigate and problem solve. Forest Schools provide time to just be, where individuals can relax and explore interests. Personal motivation, a willingness to try new tasks and the ability to persist at tasks increases. Healthier environment: an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment through experience. Knowledge of how systems interlink and how we affect our surroundings. By spending time in the environment using it to play and learn .It is this connection with nature that opens us up to care more for the environment as adults. Healthier future: Many of the skills that develop as a result of spending time at a Forest School are essential life skills that in time will benefit the economy. Children develop determination to complete tasks; they
learn to work together as a team communicating effectively.