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  • If your child is absent due to illness, please contact the school on 01282 426711 and leave a message.
  • Nursery closes at 11:30 (morning sessions), and 15:15 (afternoon sessions).  Please be on time - your child may become very upset if they think that they have been abandoned!
  • Important announcements (such as school closing due to bad weather) will be made via the front page of this website (at the top), our Twitter account, and by optional subscription to our SMS service.
  • Free milk and chilled water is always available.
  • We ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per week per child, collected by the school clerk.  This money is used to provide baking ingredients and money for other little extras.
  • Please place name-tags in all your child's clothes.
  • Smoking and dogs are NOT permitted anywhere within the nursery grounds, and we ask that you please refrain from smoking around the entrance ways to the grounds.
  • Parents MUST close the gate behind them when entering and exiting the school grounds - this is for the safety of the children.
  • Please take extra care when driving and reversing near the school entrances.
  • Tuesday is Fruit Sharing Day.  We ask every child to bring a piece of fruit to share with their friends at snack time.
  • The school is committed to a healthy eating policy, Smiling For Life, and has links with the Oral Health team.
  • We ask parents NOT to bring sweets to nursery as birthday treats.
  • Please inform the nursery staff of any allergies and other health issues that your child may have.
  • Please make sure you read our Security and Safety information.